Celtic Cat: Meaning and Zodiac Sign

celtic cat

A Guide to the Celtic Cat Meaning in the Zodiac and Mythology Long before the cat held great meaning for the Celts, it was revered by the Ancients Egyptians. For the Ancient Egyptians, the Goddess Bastet looked like a … [Read more...]

5th House Astrology Explained

5th house astrology

In astrology, the 5th House is about fun and pleasure. It's about what you do in your free time, your hobbies, your creativity, your children, your investments, and gambling. The 5th House's Natural Planetary Ruler: … [Read more...]

4th House Astrology

4th house astrology

An in-depth guide to what 4th House Astrology means and reveals about you The 4th House is about your family and where you live. It's the essence of who you are, your foundation and your sense of self. The 4th … [Read more...]

3rd House Astrology

3rd house astrology

An In-depth guide to 3rd House Astrology, Its Rules and Its Meaning The 3rd House is about your environment - how you interact with it, how you relate to others, your ideas, and your opinions. That's why you can give … [Read more...]

Astrology Pick Up Lines

astrology pick up lines

Looking for Mr. or Ms. right? Want to know what astrology pick up line will get their heads turning in your direction? All you need to know is their zodiac sign. Once you know someone’s zodiac sign, asking a question that … [Read more...]

Pisces Gift Ideas

pisces gifts

A Guide to Pisces Gift Ideas for Men and Women - Birthdays, Christmas and more... Pisces is a dreamer. They enjoy illusion, fantasy, and art. Pisces is a hopeless romantic - sentimental and in love with the idea of … [Read more...]