Celtic Rowan Zodiac Sign


Celtic Rowan Astrology Sign: January 21 – February 17

Ogham Letter: Luis

About the Celtic Rowan Tree: The Celts had great respect for the rowan tree. They thought its berries possessed magical powers and were prized by their Celtic Gods…much like the Greek Gods prized Ambrosia. The Celtic Gods even had a green dragon stand guard over the berries.

Rowan branches were placed over doorways to bring good luck into a house. They were even placed in graveyards to watch over the dead and to make sure none of the occupants decided to become a vengeful ghost or cause other mischief.

The wood from rowan trees was used to make everything from bows to fences. It was also effective for treating sore throats and scurvy.

The Druids believed the rowan tree contained a spirit that had secret knowledge of immortality and personal freedom.

Celtic Animal Symbol: Green Dragon

Characteristics of the Celtic Rowan Tree Sign: If you’re a Rowan Tree individual, you beat to your own drum. You think and act outside of the box; unfortunately, people don’t always understand where you’re coming from.

You are very much within yourself and appear to always be calm. This gives you an air of mystery…as your passions aren’t always known. Yet underneath, you have a burning passion for social change and individual rights.

You’re a great leader, listening well and respecting other’s opinions. Your calm demeanor allows others to feel comfortable in your presence, and helps you to naturally transform situations.

New Moon Rowan: If you were born during the first two weeks of the Rowan Tree Zodiac Sign, you are a New Moon Rowan. It’s easy for you to become impatient and frustrated as you try to move forward. Social change comes easy to you, but you tend to hold back in your personal relationships. Your personal space is very important for you, and isn’t meant to be as cold as it sometimes appears to others. You actually enjoy helping other people with their problems and can become quite involved.

Full Moon Rowan: If you were born during the last two weeks of the Rowan Tree Zodiac Sign, you are a Full Moon Rowan. You’re more open than a New Moon Rowan, but have to be careful you don’t make promises you can’t keep. You have a strong passion for individual freedom and civil rights. It’s important that you understand how much potential you have or you can lose site of your purpose in life.

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