Celtic Unicorn Meaning, Mythology &Tattoos

Unicorn Celtic Zodiac Sign

A Guide to the Meaning, Mythology and Tattoos of the Celtic Unicorn

This guide on the Celtic Unicorn expands on the information found in the Celtic Animal Zodiac Signs article. It goes beyond personality characteristics and provides information on the Celtic Unicorn’s meaning, mythology and tattoo symbolism.

Celtic Unicorn Meaning

The Celts believed the unicorn meant purity, endurance, fertility and gentleness. They linked it to the world of nature and the world of dreams. It could see directly to your heart, allowing it to judge your true character and value.

The Celtic Unicorn represented a five-season solar year in the Celtic alphabet.

Unicorn in Celtic Astrology

The Unicorn is the Celtic Animal Sign for people born July 8 – August 4. The Unicorn is also the animal symbol for the Celtic Holly Tree Sign.

The White Horse is paired with the Celtic Oak and the Unicorn with the Celtic Holly to represent the summer solstice and the turning of the seasons. They represent tye duality of the two trees – the summer oak becoming the winter holly and the White Horse becoming the Unicorn. The strength of the White Horse brought the Celts through summer, while the Unicorn’s endurance helped the Celts survive the re-birth that winter brings.

Celtic Unicorn Mythology

By its very nature, the Celtic Unicorn is a creature of myth.

In Celtic mythogy, the Unicorn’s horn resembled a flaming spear and was seen as a symbol of solar power. It had the ability to heal and to kill.

The Celts believed a unicorn horn offered protection against evil, and the ability to detect and counteract poisons. A Unicorn horn would often be set in the middle of a table of food. If the horn sweated or moisture formed on it, the food was poisoned.

Celtic Unicorn Tattoos

Unicorn tattoos are a reminder to be gentle. Anything permanent will come from softness and gentleness, not force. Trust that gentleness will overcome all barriers.

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