Mayan Astrology Compatibility

Mayan Astrology Relationship Compatibility

Mayan Astrology Compatibility is based on the day-sign and galactic tone compatibility of two people. This is quite different from the traditional form of compatibility you may be used to from Western Astrology, such as Sagittarius being compatible with Leo.

Mayan Astrology takes a completely different approach to astrology, looking outside of the stars in the sky to an advanced understanding of time that was unique to the Mayan civilization when compared to all other ancient cultures and civilizations.

The Mayan Astrology Calendar is called the tzolkin. It consists of 20 day-signs, or Mayan Astrology Signs. Like you’re used to in Western Astrology, each Mayan day-sign is romantically compatible with other day-signs. The number of compatible day-signs ranges from 3-5, depending on the sign. Additionally, except for the sign Aj, each day-sign is compatible with its own sign.

The Mayan Astrology compatibility chart below shows the relationship and romance compatibility for all the Mayan Astrology day-signs. Click on each day-sign’s name for more information about your Mayan sign and your compatible Mayan Astrology signs.

If your Mayan Astrology Sign is… You are compatible with the following Mayan Astrology Signs…
B’atz B’atz, Ajmaq, Imox, and Kame
E E, No’j, Iq, and Kej
Aj Tijax, Aq’ab’al, and Q’anil
I’x I’x, Kawoq, K’at, and Toj
Tz’ikin Tz’ikin, Ajpu, Kan, and T’z’i’
Ajmaq Ajmaq, B’atz’, Imox, and Kame
No’j No’j, E, Iq’, and Kej
Tijax Tijax, Q’anil, Aq’ab’al, and Aj
Kawoq Kawoq, K’at, I’x, and Toj
Ajpu Ajpu, E, Ajmaq, K’at, and Q’anil
Imox Imox, B’atz’, Ajmaq, and Kame
Iq’ Iq’, E, No’j, and Kej
Aq’ab’al Aq’ab’al, Aj, Tijax, and Q’anil
K’at K’at, I’x, Kawoq, and Toj
Kan Kan, Ajpu, Tz’ikin, and Tz’i
Kame Kame, Ajmaq, B’atz, and Imox
Kej Kej, E, Iq’, and No’j
Q’anil Q’anil, Aj, Aq’ab’al, and Tijax
Toj Toj, I’x, K’at, and Kawoq
Tz’i’ Tz’i’, Ajpu, Kan, and Tz’ikin

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